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Revolutionizing Food Automation with AI-Enabled Robots

Retrofittable, fast and ready to work


Key Features


Universal Hardware Connector

Power the fastest, smallest, or simply your preferred robots, grippers and industrial actuators using our platform.

Designed For Performance 

We integrate the most efficient robots on the market, to offer you one of the best throughputs that can be achieved.

Leading AI Robotics


Specialized in food recognition and visual understanding, our AI detects infections in fruits, worm traces in fish, and other qualitative indicators for visual inspection and handling. Our robots are equipped with advanced haptic sensors to handle fragile products gently and adapt to different parcel formats.

The easiest way to use robots

With our no-code platform, you can set objectives and constraints to robots through an intuitive graphical user interface. This versatile approach can be customized for your packing needs: different parcel formats, product calibers, or end-customers requirements.

Case Studies

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 11.18.38.png

Tomato sorting and Packaging

Soft-gripper technology, 3D vision, cobots, and AI team up to match human operator productivity at French produce company.

Capture d'écran_20221209_120708.png

Automating Cherry Tomato Sorting 

Automating Cherry Tomato Sorting and Packing with EyePick: A Case Study with Le Jardin de Rabelais

Our Solutions

EYEPICK-Food is a vision-based software to control commercially-available robots. Its machine-learning AI algorithms analyze the visual flow of a 3D camera and automate robotic arms. This allows robots to operate autonomously in complex environments and provide complex systems for your warehouse.

Our Industries

EyePick's solutions cater to various agri-food sectors


Food Packing

Improve the sorting, grading, and packaging of Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, meat and Dairy.


Food service 

Automate meal preparations: Poke, salads & food trays



Streamline your operations with our robotic automation solutions designed for Depalletization


They Trust Us 

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