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Our Technology

Pick any product correctly


High Reliability Vision

Based on widely available and inexpensive camera systems, our vision system utilizes original algorithms to perform image treatment in milliseconds, and to determine the optimal pick point with high accuracy for any relevant configuration.

EyePick AI Cloud

A 24-7 supervision service is provided to you in order to react to incidents in real time. Robots are permanently connected to the cloud, so EYEPICK can take control of them remotely to solve operational problems and guarantee optimal functioning and uptime of the production system.

Robotics & hardware

EyePick uses robots from leaders in robotic arm manufacturing, such as Kawasaki and Universal Robot (UR). This wide selection of industrial hardware helps us to 
accommodate your various requirements and constraints, such as urgency, price and environmental conditions

Operations & Learning

With accumulated experience, our algorithms and control system keep improving by using new data. Pre-trained robots: EYEPICK's robots are pre-trained for object recognition and customer goal adaptation, ensuring smooth implementation

Capacity to detect objects

Our algorithms leverage advanced segmentation techniques to precisely delineate the boundaries of detected objects. By applying pixel-level analysis and semantic segmentation methods, we can generate detailed masks or contours that precisely define the shape and extent of each object. This fine-grained segmentation capability is crucial for tasks that require precise object manipulation, such as picking and placing.

Interested in Intelligent Robotics?

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